Barracuda 120 Nl/min (4 cyl. to 50 HP / 1 cyl.)
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Mikser, Mixer LPG  BOSCH 30 mm -  do wtrysku 1-punktowego
LOVATO Reducer RGE090 electronics + gas valve RG90LOVATO RGE
Electronics LPGTECH 328
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AEB 370 - time relay
45,00 55,00 zł
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529,00 633,00 zł
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ZTW BORMECH 720/300 - internal tank 98L
829,00 919,00 zł
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PD 21AM Emulator wtrysku 4cyl. MITSUBISHI z silnikiem GDI

LPG Bestsellers

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BORMECH CYLINDER TANK 630/225 56L internal ztw
484,00 509,00 zł
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ZTW BORMECH 600/200 - 44L internal tank
477,00 503,00 zł
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ZTW BORMECH 630/200 - 49L internal tank
482,00 503,00 zł
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LPG shop is an online shop dealing in the sale of parts for gas installations. We offer lpg parts for assembly in cars of top brands such as: Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Opel, Fiat and others. Only our warehouse has a wide range of products from leading producers: Lovato, Bormech, BRC, Elpigaz, Landi Renzo, Tomasetto, Zavola, Valtek, KME, GZWM and others. Original products and high-quality replacements are sold. Among the competition, we are distinguished by cheap parts that are friendly to the pockets of our customers.

Parts for LPG

filtrWith us you will find a wide selection of new items necessary to install accessories and parts for lpg installations. We offer, among others, external and internal cylinders, reducers, multivalves, injectors, solenoid valves, etc. What is important, each lpg tank offered in our store has a valid approval, which is necessary during assembly and legalization of the gas installation.

Shopping safety

We make every effort to ensure that your purchases in our online store are safe, which is why we have an SSL certificate. It is a global security standard that guarantees secure purchases and payments as well as ensures confidentiality of electronic data transmission.

Electronic payments

creditcartWhen making a purchase, the customer has several forms of payment to choose from. These include: PayU, PayPal, payment using a regular transfer. Additionally, the purchased goods can be purchased in installments using CA Raty at Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A. or in the Santander Consumer Bank S.A.

Shipping 24h

deliveryWhen buying from us you get a guarantee of receiving high quality parts for lpg, we make every effort to ensure that the goods reach you in the shortest possible time. Shipment of ordered products takes place as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours of making the purchase. We guarantee comprehensive and friendly service.

Free advice

consultingWe provide free advice from a qualified customer advisor. We are happy to answer your questions and provide professional advice. The auto gas shop always helps in the difficulties with the selection of parts. If you do not know which product to choose, call us: +48 603 775 778.

Why is it worth buying at

✔ Many years of experience in the industry,
✔ Professional advice and assistance,
✔ High quality parts,
✔ Attractive prices,
✔ Quick order processing,
✔ Satisfaction guarantee.

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