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Servicing a car with LPG after the winter

Andrzej Siedlik

The spring review of cars equipped with a gas installation is often a neglected activity. However, cars equipped with LPG installations react differently to humidity, temperature fluctuations or other composition of the winter mixture. In today's article you will learn what to look for. You will learn what elements you can check in your garage, and which elements to leave for evaluation to professionals in a workshop specializing in the establishment and repair of gas installations.

Faro PVC cable connectors

Andrzej Siedlik

Faro thermoplastic pipe connectors are used to connect the pipes in the car's gas system. They are chosen because of their resistance to weather conditions ...

Everything you need to know about LPG filters

Andrzej Siedlik

The increasingly popular gas installations in passenger cars mean that more and more drivers are looking for information on the functioning of the installation. That is why we decided to create an article on the topic of filters used in gas installations.

How To Prepare For a Holiday Travel?

Andrzej Siedlik

The turn of June and July is the beginning of the holiday season in Poland. The schools have already finished their classes, in the workplaces, companies or offices, the employees start their holidays.

What candles for LPG engines?

Andrzej Siedlik

Cars equipped with a gas system must meet harder working conditions than when using only gasoline for driving.

Najlepsze samochody do założenia instalacji LPG

Andrzej Siedlik
Coraz większa cena benzyny oraz ograniczenia związane z silnikami diesla, których już niedługo możemy spodziewać się w większych miastach, wpływają na to, że lawinowo rośnie zainteresowanie montażem instalacji gazowej w samochodach.

Why does a car with LPG use gasoline?

Andrzej Siedlik

Many drivers mistakenly believe that cars equipped with LPG systems do not consume gasoline except when the engine starts. However, there are situations that require it.

How to prepare a car with LPG for winter?

Andrzej Siedlik

The weather outside the window relentlessly reminds us that the winter season at the belt. An additional factor that affects clients' awareness is the change in the price of LPG at petrol stations. Is the change in the composition of propane-butane mixture sufficient to make our car fully prepared for the winter season?

Typical faults associated with LPG installation

Andrzej Siedlik

Cars equipped with a gas system, regardless of whether factory-fitted or later in the car's operation, are characterized by typical defects. However, if we remember what defects cause certain symptoms in the car's work, we can easily and cheaply get rid of them.

Servicing LPG installations - what do you need to remember?

Andrzej Siedlik

The choice of LPG installation for the car, in addition to the savings, however, brings several additional duties related to its inspection and servicing. Due to the specificity of the installation and the type of fuel, as well as additional parts, we must maintain the entire installation on a regular basis.

The most popular myths about LPG

Andrzej Siedlik

With the increasing popularity of assembly of LPG installations in cars, myths about its operation and safety have appeared over the years. Many of them are so deeply rooted in human consciousness that they uncritically regard them as truth. In today's post we will try to deal with the most popular ones, which hit the people who plan to install a gas system in their car the most.

LPG in Europe - A few words about different adapters

Andrzej Siedlik

When traveling abroad, almost everyone wants to close the cost of travel in the lowest possible amount. Having a car equipped with a gas system, especially with definitely longer routes, we can save a lot of money. However, will it be possible to refuel gas everywhere? Are gas stations offering LPG in each country the same?

Which LPG tank should I choose for my car?

Andrzej Siedlik

When choosing a gas installation, you can not forget about its key element, which is certainly a tank. The tank will store our cheap fuel, which is a mixture of propane and butane. Should you be guided when choosing? Which features should be the most important for us and what type of cylinder should I choose? In today's post we will try to bring you this difficult choice.

Is it worth setting up an LPG installation?

Andrzej Siedlik

The holiday period is slowly coming to an end, but according to the analyzes, we can not expect a reduction in fuel prices at stations, as it was in the corresponding years in this period. Almost every driver visiting Polish stations has become accustomed to prices far exceeding PLN 5 per liter of unleaded petrol.

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