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LPG in Europe - A few words about different adapters

Andrzej Siedlik
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It is true that the holiday season is already behind us, however, as the latest research shows, more and more often we travel cars outside our borders, also during the remaining period of the year. This is connected not only with holiday trips, but also with those related to paid work outside our country.

When traveling abroad, almost everyone wants to close the cost of travel in the lowest possible amount. Having a car equipped with a gas system, especially with definitely longer routes, we can save a lot of money. However, will it be possible to refuel gas everywhere? Are gas stations offering LPG in each country the same?

Prepare for refueling

Although it is public knowledge, many people do not know that when traveling around Europe, we can at gas stations, encounter distributors with various refueling tips. This makes it impossible to refuel the propane-butane mixture.

Before we choose whether it's a business trip or holiday, it's worth creating a travel plan. The writing of each of the States where we can potentially refuel our vehicle may not only be a salvation for our portfolio, but also reduce the stress associated with ignorance of the technology used at stations in other countries.

The most popular models of LPG tips and adapters

There are several models of terminals that can be found in different countries. It should be noted, however, that even within one country there may be differences in the tips used. An example of this is our western neighbors. In Germany, other tips are used closer to the Polish border than near the Dutch border.

You can purchase special adapters for the most commonly used types of terminals:

Italian Adapter - DISH used in a large part of Europe. It is also a kind of tip used in our homeland. Thanks to this, we will easily fill up in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, most of the Balkan countries, Austria, France and of course Italy as the name suggests.
Dutch Adapter - Bayonet the use of an adapter will necessarily include in the Netherlands, parts of Germany, Spain and the British Isles.
Russian adapter - its use will be necessary in countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
ACME adapter - used in parts of Germany as well as in Belgium and Ireland.
Euro Connector adapter - used in Spain and Portugal.

Gas availability is lower than in Poland

Although the availability of points where LPG can be refueled in Poland, it is huge and we can easily choose stations, for example because of the price or quality offered, it is not so good abroad. Of course, there are countries where gas is as popular as in Poland, but there are those where for a long period of time, we will not find a station where it can be refueled.

The designation of gas in individual countries is often very misleading. Accustomed to the name LPG, we will certainly be surprised by the names that are found at European stations. These are among others:

Ropny Liquid

Practice filling the bottle

The accustom to the fact that at our stations, employees are rushing to fill the tank of our car with a propane-butane mixture, we can experience some shock at foreign stations. Most often in Western countries the driver is obliged to carry out the LPG refueling process. So it's worth it to practice this uncomplicated task a few times before going out, so that you will not have an unpleasant surprise and will not spoil our departure.

A bit about the rules

When going on a trip or work it is worth checking its regulations and parking restrictions, eg in underground car parks using natural gas, or additional equipment necessary for even routine inspections are non-standardized issues throughout the Union. It is worth buying a set of fuses, a set of light bulbs or even a reflective vest before leaving, because we can pay a high ticket for their lack. In order for the holiday to be successful, it must be prepared accordingly.

We wish you safe and successful trips!

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